Wednesday, March 09, 2005


you who speak to me across the fence of common sense

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i've been getting a lot of mail asking about manho's social life: where does he hang out, who are his friends, what colour ipod does he use, etc. well here's a photo taken recently at a soiree round at the manho pad. you'll probably recognise a few faces. manho is seated right (gazing up at the lightbulb). seated left is that nad, 14, from liverpool, and the group standing behind her discussing pneumatic tyre prices is compsed of ike smalldud, lorenzo, and biffy hunterdunk, all from iowa. the two guys in the background are trish from brighton with her "partner", iain mcdoglead. the tall guy looking at the lightbulb is manho's internet server, mr tiscali and the short guy next to him is his wife, mrs tiscali. and yes, (but you've guessed it already, right?) that's glenn cripes hanging from the ceiling.


great party, nick, and i think i can safely speak for smalldud and hunterdunk when i say wow! just wow! now that i see the photo, i realize that faint intermittent moaning sound was coming from your friend, cripes. funny guy.

we had an uneventful flight back to iowa -- no "shoe bomb" comedians on the return leg (ha ha.) i hope that light bulb finally stayed on for you. remember, buddy, you owe us a visit here in sac city. how about july, for the big parade? you know, our daughter, nell, was crowned 'honeybee princess' last year. you should have seen the look of pride on her mother's face. bring your overshoes.
those DADA meetings for the stammering drug addicts are always like that.
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