Tuesday, September 26, 2006


bin and ben, flowerpot men

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binny and benny.

binny has been grabbing all the headlines over the last few years. he kills, he maims, he's capable of anything. and then maybe he's dead, maybe he isn't. he's a cult. he's cute, too. his face is on all the t-shirts. and there's even a ben and jerry's ice cream flavour named after him: chock'o'binny.

anyway, benny is fuming. binny has all the front pages. what is to be done? benny comes out of his corner fighting with a swift one two: the prophet mohammed is a loser, hardly even a contender... and what's more, his breath smells.

benny is back in the headlines. like, everybody is talking only about him. even thick old couples on the beach.

and nobody can even remember binny's real name anymore.

australian record of the week: Slim Dusty: A Pub With No Beer

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