Wednesday, October 11, 2006


the city that never sleeps

if you live in london you're gonna get to see bruce when he's touring europe and if you live in milan you'll get to see bruce too, and probably madonna.

if you live in berlin you might get to see bruce or you might not. but you'll get to see madonna. whatever, you'll get to see someone big.

if you live in a big city you'll get to see stuff that you won't get to see if you live in sac city, idaho. let's face it the only act you're gonna get to see in sac city is bob dylan, cos he plays everywhere, every few weeks.

anyway, if you live in those big cities you get good stuff sometimes, but only if you live in one place in the world will you ever get to see something like this:

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like, you're strolling past carnegie hall and you hear something's going on inside so you go in and there's a impromptu performance of the greatest pop song ever written with a cool guest star doing a bit of harmony.

you only get stuff like this in one place.

cos it's the capital of the world.

Ray Davies (with David Bowie): Waterloo Sunset. Carnegie Hall, 2003

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