Wednesday, October 25, 2006


i hate the white man and the man who turned him loose

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so much great stuff came out of this house before they painted it blue and white. it was all black back then. listen to this, for example:

Stevie Wonder, 1965: Uptight

there's so much going on in this song. that motown bass, the cool drums, the raucous brass, the lead guitar chunkle. then you have that amazing vocal, and the lyrics giving you a frisson-inducing invitation to partake in black jive talk.

of course the white trash guys got it all wrong as usual, and "uptight" became a negative word instead of a positive one.

those honkeys, right? bad drugs, bad grasp of language. makes you wonder how they ever ended up with that sense of superiority.

i guess if you're a white trash loser with a soul-destroying job it makes you feel good to see a black guy bumming on the corner.

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