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i looked around but i noticed there wasn't a chair

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the guy in the funny hat is norwegian. his name is Eyolf Ostrem (pronounced Ralph Eustrheum). he has one of the best sites on the whole internet.

as there's absolutely nothing to do in norway - the winter lasts for 8 months and they have that 24 hour a day night thing - people just stay home, concentrate on their hobbies, and publish the results on their websites. which is great if their hobby is also your hobby. eyolf's hobby is bob dylan. but also john lennon. and paul and george, too (you can also find their songs on the site).

what eyolf does is work out all the chords and the actual words for all the different versions of dylan's songs and post them on his site, so if you want to play a song on your guitar you just click on the appropriate page and bob's your uncle.

here's the link: Dylanchords

i guess you're wondering why eyolf's chords and words are better than the chords and words you find on other sites, right? well, they're better because he gets them right.

dylan's official lyrics, for example, are nothing like the actual words he sings. he sort of polishes them up a bit, turning the ain'ts into isn'ts, and correcting his spelling mistakes and stuff. so it looks better on the page, i guess.

anyway, eyolf nails the lyrics usually, and if he doesn't know something he tells you instead of just making it up like crap sites do.

he also gets the chords right, too. and if you notice something wrong you can email him and if he thinks you're right, he'll change it.

as i said there's absolutely nothing to do in norway.

eyolf also writes long, intellectual articles about dylan - there's a selection of them on the site - but that's not the sort of stuff the manho blog is interested in, right?

keep it simple, keep it funny. that's the manho motto.

photo of viking helmet:

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here's a cool song for eyolf to thank him for the great service he offers to us lesser musical mortals:

The Spencer Davis Group, Live 1997: Norwegian Wood

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