Saturday, October 21, 2006


rollin' and tumblin'

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in 1911, when he recorded this song:

Harry Champion: I'm Henery the Eighth

harry champion was one of the most famous performers in england. music hall. these guys were the equivalent of the blues performers in america at the time. entertainers for the working class. just that the working class in 1911 in england happened to be white.

and, just like their black brothers in america, when the 60s came along there were young guys with no original ideas of their own looking to rip off their songs. just like they did with the black blues guys.

here's herman's hermits:

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in 1965, doing their version of champion's classic:

Herman's Hermits: I'm Henry V111, I Am

i could have found a better photo of the hermits but they don't deserve it, right?

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