Sunday, November 26, 2006



by Trish from Brighton.

so the 24 hour relaxed licensing is going very can really start to
appreciate the British drinking Bull Dog Spirit. Cheers winstone..

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not Ray
but soon everyone will think that ray winstone is winstone churchill..pretty
close after a few drinks, and he did pay a rather interesting cockney Henry
The Eight.

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Now I understand why they want us to learn self checkout..scan and get rid
of all the checkout ladies, no more sweet mumsy women around with a hint on
how to cook something... no more enthusiastic just finished school desperate
for a regular job for life telling you that they will soon be getting
engaged giving you their life while you pack up your goods.
What do we have ALMOST behind the counter now if you find a checkout person
is an underpaid E.U worker, so skinny and starved you feel guilty for buying

Lately I have had some strange shopping experiences. When I went to dixons
for some C.D.R. I just had to say to the assistant Jammie (badged up so he
does not forget who he is) You look ill mate (you have to do the lingo now
to get any response) the response was he bloody ran out of the shop and
chucked up in the street massive rubbish bin.The manager and I looked at
each other and he said 'self inflicted' We all know what that means.

The other time I found myself comiserating with a really miserable lad
Declan who had been in the police cell all night because he had been drink
driving without a licence.

See this is what the big stores are up against. All the sober workers in
this generation are all pised.

So we now have to struggle with these fucking electronic machines who are
stone cold sobber..

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In a massive supermarket you will have 3 stackers one cashier and one
strict supervisor.

The best bit is the steriod bouncy castle bouncers 6 of them all hanging
around the exit doors huddled together sobbering up,waiting for the air raid
alarm bellto send them into action.

Harry Champion: I'm Henery The Eighth

Harry Champion: A Little Bit Of Cucumber

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