Thursday, December 14, 2006


darling i'm imprisoned by these chains

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this next song has brill building smeared all over it. the cookies, with the one, the only, the great, the late, "ethel "earl-jean" mcrea. earl-jean sang with little eva and also recorded the original version of "i'm into something good". she was one of the greatest black singers never to become famous.

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that's the same photo, but smaller, but in colour. ethel deserves it.

The Cookies: Chains

chains was the second song covered by the beatles.

written by carol king:

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and gerry goffin, at a desk and a piano in the brill building, new york city.1962.

if it got any better than this it would be something else.

manho's vote on chains: cookies 8/10. beatles 4/10.

Hey Manho! Hadnt realised ur blog was back! We need 2 catch up.
Luv Nad xxxx
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