Friday, December 22, 2006


i'll come back for the money

one of the tricks about covering songs in the early 60s was to cover stuff that hadn't been released in your country, or had been a flop, or had been released only as an instrumental or something. so your version seemed original, get it?

a taste of honey had a bit of everything. first, it was the theme music from a successful and important film. second, it was a hit only as an instrumental. third, the one version with lyrics was crap.

paul sussed this one right off. a paul song that he didn't even need to write himself (though he would rewrite it a few times in the future).

here's the version the beatles copied which flopped:

Lenny Welch: A Taste Of Honey

here's lenny:

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and here's the big instrumental hit by the one, the only, the late, the nearly great acker bilk:

Acker Bilk: A Taste Of Honey

paul would dig deep into this stuff in the mid 60s when he wrote the music for the film, the family way.

he was a canny lad, paul. that's why he's worth $1,000,000,000 now.

manho's vote on the honey: lenny 3/10. beatles 5/10. acker 7/10.

acker was ok.

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