Saturday, January 31, 2009


cuckoo clocks

if you happen to have a root canal appointment with your dentist di fiducia and you're sitting worriedly in the waiting room, check out the mags on the coffee table. if you find the january 2009 issue of the Oldie:

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flip through the pages till you come across the manho article. it's sure to cheer you up. manho, sans toad, is taking a stroll down cemetery road. the background music is a cool hungarian zither playing the theme from the third man. you laugh, you cry, you contemplate the inevitable.

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Sounds great.

Where can we find it online tho?
it doesn't exist online. the Oldie magazine is for old guys who don't use computers.

you'll have to hope you have some trouble with your teeth and find the mag in the dentist's waiting room.
I need the Oldie to get me gingered up for the day.
Hello there!

that is a beautiful photo! can you tell me a bit about it? who's it by?
it's the final scene from the move "the third man".
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